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Award-Winning and Prize-Winning Author of Access Denied, The Wretched, The Roots of Evil, The Ghost of Clothes, Omonolidee, First Words and Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman, The Deeper Roots of Evil, UFO, Cinema, Realm of Rhyme along with numerous short stories, poems and articles.

David E. Gates

Audible says I wrote these books! But I didn’t!!

You may recall that, back in May, I wrote about Amazon’s god-awful search engine issues which would not reveal any of my books despite putting “David E. Gates” in full in their search windows.

Now, it seems, Audible have a similar, but strikingly WORSE issue. If you look up my audiobook, Access Denied, it shows “More from the same Author” beneath my book, detailing a number of works relating to religion by an author called “David Gates”:

Audible More From The Same Author Issue

Now, ordinarily I’d welcome any additional cross-referencing and exposure I could get. But, in this case – because I’m an atheist – I don’t want to be associated with any religious works.

I contacted ACX, the people “behind” Audible and they gave me the following response:

Win a copy of The Wretched!

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A teenage boy explores the forbidden areas of his home town and gives life to a new evil that stalks him and his friends and family with vengeance in mind. Whilst grappling with the onset of puberty, he must battle the shape-changing menace which haunts his dreams and knows no bounds in its savagery whilst coming to terms with his own metamorphosis. A unique horror story, drawing inspiration from local folklore, set in and around Portsmouth.

Two copies of a Paperback to be given away – sign up to win! Also available to buy in eBook and Paperback formats from all good online bookstores.

Fantastic read. Once I picked it up, could not put it down. Wanted to see what happened next. Expertly written. An excellent addition to the David Gates collection of recent stories. Totally recommend it.” – Amazon customer.

Very enjoyable read for someone who lives in the area and can relate to the places we are taken to. The fact that this is half fiction (or is it?) makes it more of an interesting read.” – Heather Jennings.

Started reading ‘The Wretched’ after lunch and haven’t been able to put it down! David has an uncanny knack of drawing you into his books with his wonderful characters and twisting tales and this one is no exception. I’m excited to see what is going to happen next...” – Karen Moore.


Competition open until July 1st 2017.

No cash alternative. One copy of paperback of The Wretched per winner.

Another poem selected for The Poetry Festival!

Another of my poems, called “Outrunning The Rain” has been selected for The Poetry Festival.

The organisers said “Terrific poem. We just promoted your poem on our social networks and will make sure it’s read right away by 100s of people.

Outrunning The Rain is a very personal acknowledgement of the feelings I have felt when at my lowest point and the way I try and deal with them.

My previous poem, Terminators, appeared on the site earlier this year and was also published at the Wildsound Festival Review and has been promoted at the Best of APRIL 2017 NEW poetry of POEMS from around the world.

Outrunning The Rain will be featured in an upcoming collection of short-stories and poetry by David E. Gates.

David’s previous collection, First Words, is a unique collection of more than 40 previously unpublished poems, short-stories, scripts and film reviews and is available in paperback and eBook formats from all good online bookstores.

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