Access Denied

When you’ve nothing left to lose, what else can you give?

The incredible true story of a discovered lie and the fallout that followed.

If the measure of a good book is its afterburn, Access Denied is a great book.

Thought-provoking, honest, extraordinary, revealing. A damning indictment of the Child Support Agency and Family Courts.

A quite extraordinary true story.

“Thought provoking but brilliant read.” – Vanessa
“I couldn’t put it down!” – Lisa Roberts (CSA Rip-offs Support Group)
“A well told, quite extraordinary true story that stays with you.” – Jane Austin
“Amazingly jaw dropping story!” – Linda Conlon
“Captivating Story.” – Lanre Oke3D Cover with Bronze - Trimmed

Access Denied – Audiobook

Access Denied in Paperback

Access Denied available in the iBookstore

Access Denied in ePub format (for iPad and other e-Readers)

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