A unique, funny and candid collection of travelogues. (Scroll down to buy!)

Join David E. Gates, as he travels with his friends to Egypt, Malta, Tenerife, Florida and other destinations and gives his own distinctive take of what’s good, and bad, at these prime holiday destinations.

A holiday book… For YOUR holiday!

“Loved the photos… They really made the thing come alive! I felt I was there on holiday with you!”

“Having quite a giggle with the book. The pics really bring it to life and I love the way you write so candidly.”

“Loved it! Made me chuckle. Very descriptive. Lovely pics too!” 

Available, autographed, and in eBook form, from my bookstore. Also available from all other good online bookstores (additional store links below).

 Three Paperback versions available! Full Colour Illustrated, Black and White Illustrated and Text-only version.

Kindle and Paperback Text-Only or Black and White versions available from Amazon.

FULL COLOUR Illustrated Kindle version available for just £4.99/$5.99 from Amazon.

FULL COLOUR Illustrated Paperback available for purchase below.

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PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.
Black and White ILLUSTRATED Version From Amazon – £9.99 (Paperback) – £3.99/$4.99 (Kindle)

 TEXT ONLY Version From Amazon – £7.99 (Paperback) – £2.99/$3.99 (Kindle)

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1 thought on “Omonolidee

  1. Really enjoying Omonolidee!! Have had a few giggles throughout the day with your hilarious antics, made even funnier with the pics (although i’m sure a couple should be censored, my poor eyes are still trying to recover!!). I love your honesty regarding the resorts, restaurants etc you visited. I know which ones to avoid now lol A thoroughly entertaining read and yet another page turner xx

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