A place of solace, of escape, of emotion, of excitement, of wonder, of immersion, of revelation and of learning, the cinema has been more than simply movie-going for many people.

Join David E. Gates as he explores his experiences and the impact and legacy which they have had upon him and his life in Cinema.

Includes extensive interviews with Robert Davi (Licence to Kill, Maniac Cop 2), Peter Atkins (Hellraiser 2) and other film-makers (David E. Gates previously interviewed Clive Barker, James Herbert and Terry Pratchett), as well as reviews of several movies and cinematic events such as The Festival of Fantastic Films (1990), The Leeds Film Festival (1991), Alien/Aliens Convention (1993, 1999) and The Harbour Frights Film Festival in Wareham (1993).

With additional material from Deb Hallett.

Released on May the 4th…

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