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David E. Gates is a prize-winning and award-winning writer who has published a number of books and short-stories. His work has been featured in television, radio and print media.

His first book, Access Denied, a true story based on events from his life, was nominated for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards and selected for Book of the Day by Indie Book Butler in November 2019. His novel, The Wretched, won SILVER in the AuthorsDB 2017 Cover Contest and his latest anthology of short-stories, poems and articles has made the semi-finals of the AuthorsDB 2019 Cover Contest.

His short story, My Mother & The Medium, won The News’ Ghost Story competition in December 2019.

His first horror novel, The Roots of Evil, was voted best to read on the Novel Festival site!


David’s poem, The Ode of Phineas Gage, was selected to be featured on http://www.poetrysoup.com. The Magic of Mushrooms, made runner-up in the Grow Wild poetry competition. Other poems, such as Vape Away, Terminators and Outrunning The Rain, have been featured in The Poetry Festival.

He won the SILVER prize in the AuthorsDB 2016 Cover Contest for The Ghost of Clothes and won best HORROR Novel Logline for 2016 for The Roots of Evil.

He has previously won first prize (Gold) for The Roots of Evil and third prize (Bronze) for Access Denied in the 2015 AuthorsDB Cover Contest, and has made a film about the battlefield memorials in Ypres, Belgium called Ypres – The Battlefield Tours (available at www.shelleyshow.co.uk).

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David has previously written film reviews for Starburst and Samhain magazines and interviewed the likes of Clive Barker, Terry Pratchett, James Herbert and many others. He has also written a number of short stories, a full-length motion picture screenplay, the screenplay to a short film and in his spare time hosts a rock radio show.

“The self-publishing phenomenon enabled me to publish my first book, Access Denied, at the end of 2013. It’s a true story.  A deeply personal and heart-wrenching account of a battle with the CSA (Child Support Agency) and Family Courts who seemed hell-bent on destroying him .”


David’s story and the effect this had on him, his family and loved ones is moving and tragic and is already getting great feedback. With 100% positive reviews Access Denied is, as one reader put it, “A well told, quite extraordinary true story that stays with you. A must read for both men and women alike.”

Access Denied is available in Audiobook, Kindle, eBook and Paperback formats.

“Since then, I’ve published my first horror novel, The Roots of Evil – a graphic, violent, intense and gore-laden horror story. Quite different from my first book.”


An original short-story, a branch “off” of The Roots of Evil trilogy, called The Ghost of Clothes is available from online bookstores and at www.davidegates.com.

The GHOST of

David previously won a competition to write the second part of a short horror story, called Savages. The first and last parts were written by the famous horror writer Shaun Hutson and are hosted on Shaun’s website. David is also working on two sequels to his first horror novel.

“In July 2015, I published a selection of travelogues called Omonolidee (I’m on Holiday). It’s a unique, funny and (very) candid collection of my experiences when I travelled to Florida, Egypt, Tenerife and other places.”


David’s third book, Omonolidee (I’m on Holiday) – is already receiving great reviews. Omonolidee (I’m on Holiday) is available in three different versions, Full Colour Illustrated from www.davidegates.com and Black and White Illustrated & Text-Only versions via Amazon.

“Back in October 2014, my poem, Remembrance, inspired by the thoughts I had during the 100th year anniversary of the start of World War I, was read aloud in front of an audience at the Museum of the Royal Navy. The video of this was subsequently displayed on the big screen in the Guildhall Square. I was invited to read it again in front of a specially-invited audience later in the year. The film I made in 2011, Ypres – The Battlefields Tours, was also selected for screening at a film festival in Portsmouth and my World War I poems were on display at the World War I Remembrance Centre at Fort Widley on Portsdown Hill near Portsmouth.”

Since then David has published a collection of previously unpublished short-stories, scripts, reviews and poetry in an anthology called First Words.

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And in early 2017, David published a horror novel set in his home town of Portsmouth and based on local folklore. The Wretched is already receiving accolades for its spooky artwork and story.


In early 2019, David published another full-colour illustrated collection of short-stories, poems, reviews and other writings called Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman.

In September 2019, David published his full length feature film script, The Projectionist.


David’s latest book, The Deeper Roots of Evil, released on Friday the 13th of March 2020, is the first sequel to his first horror novel, The Roots of Evil.

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“I’m currently working on a full-length novel called The Climbing Frame, producing a short film, developing and writing the sequels to The Roots of Evil and putting together a third collection of short stories and poems.”

Checkout David E. Gates’ Amazon Author page here.

The Roots of Evil wins GOLD – 1st Prize, in the AuthorsDB.com 2015 Cover Contest!

The Roots of Evil, voted best to read on the Novel Festival site!

Access Denied received 3rd Prize, Bronze, in the AuthorsDB.com 2015 Cover Contest!

David’s  original short stories, The Ghost of Clothes, The Christmas Carol, A Planned Demise, Fixing The Faker, End Request and his travelogues, Omonolidee, Morgado, Portugal 2018 and Two Sides of Vegas are available from Smashwords in all eBook formats. You may also find them on Amazon.

Short Stories

His third book, Omonolidee (I’m on Holiday) – A unique, funny and candid collection of travelogues, released on 5th July 2015, can be ordered from here.

Almost all of David’s books are available in all eBook formats from Smashwords.

They are also available for Kindle/Paperback/Audiobook at Amazon.

Omonolidee is available in three different versions and Paperback from the following link:

Buy Omonolidee (I’m on Holiday)

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