Another FIVE STAR review for Access Denied, DAMNING the CSA!

“I bought the book after hearing that David and I had a lot in common with regards to absent children that we desperately miss – having nightmare ex partner’s and also having to deal with the Child Support Agency. The book arrived Saturday morning and by the early hours of Sunday morning I had finished it as I didn’t want to put it down. David’s is a heart-breaking story and so honest and open he must be given a massive pat on the back. David told me if he can help others in a similar situation to him, then some good would have come out of his horrid situation. I’m still at the beginning of my battle with the CSA (at the appeal stage) but so many things David talks about in the book ring so true with my situation. Thank you, David as this book WILL help me and others. We may never come to terms with the heartbreak we suffer since losing our children at the hands of sociopaths – but if we can keep our heads above water financially, that will help us deal with day to day life and trying to get on with things. Recommended!” – Emma.

Access Denied – Continues to get great reviews!

Access Denied – The incredible true story and first book from David E. Gates continues to get great reviews. Here are a few of the latest:

“Definitely one that was difficult to put down.” – Julie Wilson

“I was on holiday recently and took your book with me. I was amazed by both subject and content. Furthermore, I was enthralled by the story, which kept me gripped by its honesty and its forthright manner.” – Shelby Locke

“Great book… a very heart rending story.” – Claire Fletcher

“Brilliant book, sad story but all too true! From the corrupt dealings with the CSA we ourselves have been through for the last 10 years and a nasty bitter ex. Deffo recommend reading. Great read.” – Debbie Brown