WHY didn’t you leave a REVIEW?

You read one of my books… You told me how great it was… But you didn’t leave a review.

Why so?

It’s the question a lot of authors ask their readers. People are busy. I get that. People get distracted, move on to the next thing.

The thing is, which a lot of readers probably don’t realise, reviews are the life-blood for an author getting his work noticed out there. Competition, especially for new authors, is incredibly fierce.

Wouldn’t you like to see that great book you just read rise to the top of the pile? Well, it can but only with your help.

Some say “I don’t know what to write.”

Well, that’s easily remedied. Write what you felt after you put the book down. Or just give it FIVE STARS (or the most it will let you) and put “Excellent.” or “Recommended”.

Then, SHARE it on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and everywhere else you have a social media presence. Tell EVERYONE you know. Copy and Paste is quick and easy. Select the text, press CTRL+C to Copy, CTRL+V to Paste. Include the link to the book you just reviewed in your post. Even send it via email!

Even if you read it some time ago, please take the minute (and it will only take a minute) to complete a review of the book of mine you read. I will be eternally grateful and, you never know, your name might end up in lights like I hope mine will.

Thank you.

David E. Gates


David E. Gates is the Author of Access Denied, The Roots of Evil, The Ghost of Clothes and Omonolidee.