Access Denied – Reduced Price for eBook

“I haven’t reacted to a book like this since reading To Kill A Mockingbird.” – Simon Arnold.

For a very limited time, my first book, Access Denied is available at a very reduced price of $0.99 from SmashWords. Normally $3.99, this is a chance to get the Number 1 Bestseller by David E. Gates for less than a dollar! Available in all electronic formats from:

When you’ve nothing left to lose, what else can you give?

The incredible true story of a discovered lie and the fallout that followed.

If the measure of a good book is it’s after burn, Access Denied is a great book. Thought-provoking, honest, extraordinary, revealing. A damning indictment of the Child Support Agency and Family Courts.

With 100% positive reviews, this is a must-read book!

“Thought provoking but brilliant read.” – Vanessa

“I couldn’t put it down!” – Lisa Roberts (CSA Rip-offs Support Group)

“A well told, quite extraordinary true story that stays with you.” – Jane Austin

“Amazingly jaw dropping story!” – Linda Conlon

“Captivating Story.” – Lanre Oke

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Amazon search goes from bad to worse.

You may recall I previously wrote about how god-awful Amazon’s search is. I wrote here about how it doesn’t find “David E. Gates” and here about how it associated works by another author on my audiobook page to me.

If you want an indication of how crap Amazon search is, try this: Pink, the female rock/pop artist, has a new song out today called “What About Us”. However, you wouldn’t know that from a search on Amazon:

Pink Search

Not one result for the artist’s new single! I have written to Amazon, several times, about this because it is beyond absurd. They’ve done nothing in the months since I highlighted the issue to them. They say they can’t change it but it’s clear they can because they changed it earlier this year and made it worse than it once was.

Amazon – are you listening?