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Award-Winning and Prize-Winning Author of Access Denied, The Wretched, The Roots of Evil, The Ghost of Clothes, Omonolidee, First Words and Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman, The Deeper Roots of Evil, UFO, Cinema, Realm of Rhyme along with numerous short stories, poems and articles.

David E. Gates

The Wretched wins SILVER in Cover Contest

The new horror novel, The Wretched from David E. Gates, the author of original horror stories: The Roots of Evil and The Ghost of Clothes, has won SILVER in the Authors DB 2017 Cover Contest.

Set in and around Portsmouth, UK, The Wretched tells a creepy and horrifying story of a malevolent and evil force rising up to affect and change the lives of two teenage boys.

Local folklore and locations feature heavily in the sixth publication from David E. Gates, out now.

The Wretched - Silver - Middle

Buy The Wretched from Amazon and Smashwords

Access Denied nominated for 2017 Readers Choice Awards

Your HORROR Novel has been voted best to read on the Novel Festival site!

Have just received the news that my horror novel, The Roots of Evil, has been voted best to read on the Novel Festival site!


I am so amazed that my first horror novel has been recognised in this way. I feel truly humbled but very, very proud.

Novel Festival - WINNER3D Paperback with GOLD - Trimmed

You can buy The Roots of Evil by David E. Gates in paperback and eBook formats from all good bookstores.

Another poem selected for The Poetry Festival!

Another of my poems, called “Outrunning The Rain” has been selected for The Poetry Festival.

The organisers said “Terrific poem. We just promoted your poem on our social networks and will make sure it’s read right away by 100s of people.

Outrunning The Rain is a very personal acknowledgement of the feelings I have felt when at my lowest point and the way I try and deal with them.

My previous poem, Terminators, appeared on the site earlier this year and was also published at the Wildsound Festival Review and has been promoted at the Best of APRIL 2017 NEW poetry of POEMS from around the world.

Outrunning The Rain will be featured in an upcoming collection of short-stories and poetry by David E. Gates.

David’s previous collection, First Words, is a unique collection of more than 40 previously unpublished poems, short-stories, scripts and film reviews and is available in paperback and eBook formats from all good online bookstores.

3D Cover - Cropped

The Roots of Evil wins BEST Horror Logline!

The Roots of Evil, the first horror novel from award-winning author David E. Gates, has won the Festival of Horror Best HORROR Novel Logline for 2016!

Logline: Eric Barber works his way through the conditions of his father’s will, to secure a future fortune. But, in a remote village, the sins of lust, greed and envy of the inhabitants are disturbed by strange occurrences and disembodied evil that give way to shockingly graphic violence, intense horror and gore-laden revenge!

The Roots of Evil is available in all eBook formats and paperback from all good online bookstores. Available at Amazon.



All three book covers selected as Semi-Finalists!

All three of my books made the semi-finals of the AuthorsDB 2015 Cover Contest!

My book, Access Denied by David E. Gates has been selected as a Semi-Finalist in the AuthorsDB 2015 Cover Contest! If you haven’t voted, please go to http://authorsdb.com/2015-cover-contest-results/19581-access-denied and cast your vote to help me get to the finals. Thanks in advance.

If you want to vote for my other two books, please go to the following links and vote there too.



Am so unbelievably chuffed about this!

David E. Gates.

Award Winning Covers Poster

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