Why Can’t a King Cry?

Since when, can a King, be seen not to cry?

For ten days in mourning. ten days passeth by.

He held his own, held his head so high.


On the day, of committal, into the ground,

Summoned every ounce of composure,

That could be found.


Laying his Mother, his Queen, to rest,

He did, what the British, always do best.

His duty, to that, he did attest.


Those watching close, they did spy,

A tear, that gathered, upon his left eye.

As he bid, his mummy, a heartfelt goodbye.


It’s easy to forget, as the angels did sing,

As the bells, out, they did ring.

The human, behind, our new King.


But in that moment, during his immeasurable loss,

All thoughts of his failings,

Right then were lost.


In that second, I felt his pain,

A pain he’ll feel, again and again.

Until the end, of his days of reign.


A newfound respect, I garnered there,

For our new King,

Our newfound heir.


Since when, can a King, be seen not to cry.

I wish someone…

Could tell me why?

©Copyright – David E. Gates. 19th September 2022.

“Normandy” selected for display at Army Flying Museum

I’m honoured to have my poem, Normandy, selected for display at the https://www.armyflying.com/museum from the 3rd November.

Inspired by the history of the army air corps and its predecessors from the second world war (Glider pilot regiments and the royal flying corps of the first world war). Inspired by stories of courage, bravery, and comradeship.

Alongside the poems there will be a mass art installation of over 500 knitted mini medals created by groups and individuals from across the UK and further afield inspired by stories and artefacts that are on display at the museum. All poems and medals will be on display for visitors to see at the museum from the 3rd November until 10th December 2020.

Other poems are available in my anthologies: Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman and First Words.

A Poem…

Some, it seems, just don’t get it.
They think they’re immune and ultra-fit.
But this thing doesn’t care who you are.
Hence its spread, near and far.

Cyclists on pavements, despite roads being clear.
Speeding through town, coming too near.
“Get off the pavement!” I yell at them all.
Because, quite simply, they’re not playing ball.

The rules are simple, but they don’t understand,
How to stop it, getting out of hand,
More weeks of lockdown, if you keep being a tool,
Going out for no reason, like a total fool.

You may be a carrier, and pass it on,
To your daughter, your mum, your dad or your son.
Do it for them, if for nobody else,
Do it for you, and your own health.

The message is clear, stay in, don’t go out,
The rules are to protect you, so please don’t flout.
Stop taking trips, for non-essential buys,
Or you may find, it causes your own demise.

At least if it happens, and you find yourself dead,
It’s one less idiot, to stop the spread.
So, do me a favour, don’t be a din.
Please, for now, just stay the fuck in!

©Copyright – David E. Gates 2020.

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World Poetry Day

It’s World Poetry Day today and, in tribute to this, and given the current circumstances, the following is my contribution which seems rather apt. For more poems and short stories, see my anthologies: First Words and Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman.


From China, Covid-19 its name,

Travelled west, and here it came.

Affecting many, making them ill.

It’s one purpose, seeming to kill.


Coughing, spreading, without knowing.

Events cancelled, no movies showing.

Calls for calm, as it takes its toll,

Morons stockpiling toilet roll.


Panic buying, hand gels and soap.

People dying, a loss of hope.

This virus, it cares not.

Though it hates the weather hot.


Take extra care, if you’re unwell,

And it will, be just swell.

Wash your hands, to stop the spread,

Else you may, well end up dead!



©Copyright – David E. Gates – 2020

Poem selected for feature on Poetry Soup

My poem The Ode of Phineas Gage is one of the poems being featured on the PoetrySoup home page this week.

Check out Page 3 of www.poetrysoup.com to see it.

I was inspired to write it after reading about the unfortunate Phineas Gage in an “On this day in… 1848” article on Friday 13th September 2019. You can read the bizarre and curious story of Phineas Gage on Wikipedia 

For other poems, and short stories, my two anthologies, First Words and Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman, are available now.

In celebration of World Poetry Day…

Outrunning the Rain

Outrunning the rain.
Outgunning the pain.
Fighting back the tears.
Even though it’s been years.

Like drops from the sky,
They multiply.
Each glistening and clear.
Each a perfect tear.

Outrunning the rain.
On board the train.
Swept away on the tracks.
As emotion racks.

Biting my lip.
So my cover won’t slip.
Keeping up face.
No matter the place.

Outrunning the rain.
Feeling the strain.
Pain doesn’t subside.
I just want to hide.

Away from the looks.
And into my books.
Distraction is key.
For my sanity.

Outrunning the rain,
Another smile I feign,
They say it won’t last.
The pain will soon pass.

Isn’t like that for me.
It has longevity.
Though I’m better each day.
With strength I’ll outstay.

Outrunning the rain.
Dousing the flame.
Memories keep me sane.
Outrunning the rain.


Outrunning the Rain is featured in the anthology, Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman, which is available from all good bookstores in various formats. 

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My poem, The Magic of Mushrooms, wins runner-up!

My entry to the Grow Wild competition, a poem about fungi, was selected as a runner-up!

You can read it at here.


The poem itself will be included in my next anthology of short-stories and poems to be released next year. My current anthology, First Words, is available at all good online bookstores.

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Bah Humbug!

Fed up of the excitement, false as it is, of companies and people “celebrating” Christmas way too early (some are advertising it and “looking forward to it” as far back as August!), I wrote the following poem which will feature in the second anthology of short stories and poetry coming in 2018.

Bah Humbug!

Christmas is coming.  

The goose is getting fat. 

But celebrate in October,  

And you’re nothing but a twat. 


There’s twelve days of Christmas, 

Something you should remember, 

These days start on Christmas Day, 

Not way back in September! 


Bonfire night comes way before, 

Though you wouldn’t know it, 

Put away your festive tree, 

Please don’t dare to show it. 


Get excited, by all means, 

But keep it to yourself, 

There’s a time and place for everything, 

Including watching Elf! 


Let’s keep Christmas special, 

Let’s really give a fuck. 

Instead of getting all worked up, 

Over a Coca-Cola truck! 


The holidays are coming, 

But they’re not quite here, 

Be joyous when the time is right, 

At that special time of year. 


Christmas is coming.  

We’ll all be getting fat.  

But let’s leave it until the day, 

To put on our Christmas hat. 

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The Christmas Carol

If you do download and read my FREE short-story, please be so kind as to leave a review.

© David E. Gates – Shelley Show Productions – 2018.

Festival for Poetry publishes my poem, “Vape Away”!

Festival for Poetry promoted my poem on their social networks and will make sure it’s read right away by 100s of people.

“Terrific poem.” They said.

You can read it here.

A selection of poetry, short-stories, scripts and other works is available in First Words by David E. Gates. It’s available in all eBook formats from Smashwords and Paperback from Amazon and other bookstores.

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