Why Can’t a King Cry?

Since when, can a King, be seen not to cry?

For ten days in mourning. ten days passeth by.

He held his own, held his head so high.


On the day, of committal, into the ground,

Summoned every ounce of composure,

That could be found.


Laying his Mother, his Queen, to rest,

He did, what the British, always do best.

His duty, to that, he did attest.


Those watching close, they did spy,

A tear, that gathered, upon his left eye.

As he bid, his mummy, a heartfelt goodbye.


It’s easy to forget, as the angels did sing,

As the bells, out, they did ring.

The human, behind, our new King.


But in that moment, during his immeasurable loss,

All thoughts of his failings,

Right then were lost.


In that second, I felt his pain,

A pain he’ll feel, again and again.

Until the end, of his days of reign.


A newfound respect, I garnered there,

For our new King,

Our newfound heir.


Since when, can a King, be seen not to cry.

I wish someone…

Could tell me why?

©Copyright – David E. Gates. 19th September 2022.