Audible says I wrote these books! But I didn’t!!

You may recall that, back in May, I wrote about Amazon’s god-awful search engine issues which would not reveal any of my books despite putting “David E. Gates” in full in their search windows.

Now, it seems, Audible have a similar, but strikingly WORSE issue. If you look up my audiobook, Access Denied, it shows “More from the same Author” beneath my book, detailing a number of works relating to religion by an author called “David Gates”:

Audible More From The Same Author Issue

Now, ordinarily I’d welcome any additional cross-referencing and exposure I could get. But, in this case – because I’m an atheist – I don’t want to be associated with any religious works.

I contacted ACX, the people “behind” Audible and they gave me the following response:

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