The Projectionist

Now available, an original screenplay, created by David E. Gates. The Projectionist. After a freak accident, a man develops a mysterious power which gains the attraction of dark forces who wish to take it from him. Available in all eBook formats from Smashwords and for Kindle at Amazon, and all good online bookstores.

Broken Society

Youths on the rampage, Vicious and feral. Dare to tackle? At your peril. Gangs ruling streets, Squabbling over little, Reducing communities, To something brittle. Bottles thrown, No care for others. Mindless vandalism, By them and their “brothers”. Kids getting knifed. Police unable, unwilling, Citing lack of resources, To stop their killing. Where are the parents?…

Vote for my book cover (Please!)

Originally posted on David E. Gates:
My book, Unzipped: The Mind of a Madman, has been entered in the 2019 Authors DB Cover Contest. I’d really appreciate it if you could take two seconds to vote for the cover. You can vote by clicking here and selecting Submit your Vote/Review. Many thanks. ?

Another FIVE STAR review for Access Denied

From Amazon: Most incredible audio book I’ve ever listened to. Planned to listen to an hour at a time, ended up listening to it all at once! Couldn’t drag myself away. Heart-breaking story, an emotional roller-coaster! Listening to the failures of the CMS [CSA] was almost unbelievable. To know it’s a true story made me angry and heartbroken…


Normandy   Upon the beach, they landed thus. They knew their job; they made no fuss. The ramp lowered, metal met sand, They landed in this foreign land. Without a sound, shipmates fell. Bullets ringing through this hell. Running forward, to secure the place. From an evil, fascist, race. Sinking in sand, feet swamped by tide. Bodies floating,…