The Wretched featured in Meon Valley News!

Great feature in monthly paper that covers The Meon Valley… Click here to buy The Wretched on Kindle. Click here to buy The Wretched on other platforms. A teenage boy explores the forbidden areas of his home town and gives life to a new evil that stalks him and his friends and family with vengeance in…

The Wretched – Five Star Review!

Superb on the edge of your seat story Fantastic read once I picked it up could not put it down wanted to see what happened next, expertly written an excellent addition to the David Gates collection of recent stories. Totally recommend it. Buy The Wretched

WHY didn’t you leave a REVIEW?

You read one of my books… You told me how great it was… But you didn’t leave a review. Why so? It’s the question a lot of authors ask their readers. People are busy. I get that. People get distracted, move on to the next thing. The thing is, which a lot of readers probably…

Access Denied: More positive comments.

I really liked the way it is written., It’s like having a conversation with a friend that is telling you his life story! Easy to get into the plot and interesting story! I can’t believe you have been through all that!!!! I couldn’t put it down. – Dimitra. Buy Access Denied