The Wretched – Available for Pre-Order!

The new horror novel from David E. Gates, The Wretched, is now available for pre-order in eBook form from all good online stores or via Smashwords.

Kindle and Paperback versions coming soon.

A teenage boy explores the forbidden areas of his home town and gives life to a new evil that stalks him and his friends and family with vengeance in mind. Whilst grappling with the onset of puberty, he must battle the shape-changing menace which haunts his dreams and knows no bounds in its savagery whilst coming to terms with his own metamorphosis.

A unique horror story, drawing inspiration from local folklore, set in and around Portsmouth.


Another five-star review for The Roots of Evil

Hammer-Horror fest awaits……

The result of a fertile imagination and a very slightly twisted sense of the macabre, this is an enjoyable romp through a “Hammer-Horror” fest for the noughties……a novel that’s easy to pick up and get straight to the very heart of the story. Set in a small village (of the damned!) packed full of residents where underneath that wafer thin veneer of respectability lurks a grimy layer of secrets best left unsaid….until they come face to face with those secrets and the fate that awaits them. Highly recommended indeed!

Ken Brown


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The Roots of Evil by David E. Gates – FREE on Kindle

For a VERY limited time, from 1st February, The Roots of Evil by David E. Gates will be available for FREE on the Kindle for ALL Kindle readers. For your free copy, head over to Amazon.

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New Horror Novel completed!

The new horror novel (novella), called “The Roots of Evil” is finally finished. A few edits are required, followed by proof-reading etc., and production of artwork which will be shared here in the run-up to release which is currently aimed for 25th November 2014.

It’s a very graphic, violent and gory fiction which I hope will find an audience. It is VERY different, as you might expect, from the first novel, Access Denied which was non-fiction and a true story.

Presently looking at an Amazon-only release to the Kindle and on paperback. Other formats will be available directly, depending on demand.

Will keep you posted on progress and notify everyone when it’s released.