Another great review…

Moving, distressing, uplifting, honest – a must read for all parents.

A candidly written book, but with clear effort taken to protect the innocent – the author’s daughter.

A believably genuine, even-handed (surprisingly so at times) account of a difficult time in a family’s life, Access Denied is a book I simply could not put down; it was completed in a mere two days!

As a father of a young daughter it tugged at my heart several times, making me realise how lucky I am to have such a straight-forward relationship with her.

I was left feeling: sorry for David, for what he’s been forced to understand and come to terms with; pleased for him for the eventual outcomes (albeit not the one he would evidently truly love to come true); admiration for him for his perseverance, determination and doggedness in pursuing what appears, from this account, a seriously flawed system of rights, access and responsibility.

On the point of child protection and support, for a series of laws and solutions designed to protect children, on this evidence there certainly seem to be enough challenges to the ensurance of well-being of all parties involved – clearly from the way it is written David is ‘only human’ and may have acted emotionally or not *always* in the eventual best interests of himself or his relationship with his daughter, but it is clear to see why this could be, and why it ended up being so.

A must read book that leaves you hoping for things to work out in the end for both him and his daughter, but fearing they may not.

Access Denied by David E. Gates: Available from Amazon, Lulu and iBooks.

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